Take Your Higher Education Experience to a New Level.

Take Your Higher Education Experience to a New Level.

Leading Educational Consultancy For Foreign Studies

Leading Educational Consultancy For Foreign Studies

Not just A Consultancy but Your Link towards your Dream

Not just A Consultancy but Your Link towards your Dream

Not just A Consultancy but Your Link towards your Dream

Not just A Consultancy but Your Link towards your Dream

Not just A Consultancy but Your Link towards your Dream

Not just A Consultancy but Your Link towards your Dream

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Capital Center Point Education Consultants Pvt.Ltd. Was established in 2005 A.D. and currently provides counseling and preparation classes in different fields of study. This Consultant has been recognized as one of the best in counseling and abroad study in the country. It is dedicated to providing Competitive guidance and trainings to students to get admission in prestigious Universities and colleges in different countries. This institute has been providing the courses on IBT TOFEL/IELTS/PTE/SAT/GRE and GMAT. Thousands of students have already been abroad for their carrier through our services.

Our Services

Our Educational Services

Ease your path to studying abroad with our comprehensive services. Book your complimentary career counseling session today to explore scholarship opportunities, receive assistance with financial documents, prepare for exams, navigate visa procedures, and beyond. Let’s ensure your spot for overseas education!

Career Counselling

We're here to assist you in crafting a career that fills you with pride. Let's put an end to uncertainties and empower you to make a well-informed career choice.

Scholarship Assistance

The Scholarship Assistance Program aims to educate students about the procedure for applying for private or external scholarships.


Guidance documents are provided to assist students in preparing their own documents and adhering to procedural requirements set by the cou

Admission Guidance

We're dedicated to supporting your success in discovering the perfect college or university that aligns with your life goals and fosters your educational journey towards them.

Visa Services

Visa services assist with obtaining necessary visa for travel.

Test Preparation

Test preparation classes enhance test-taking skills for exams.

Unlocking Potential, Enriching Futures


3000+ Students

Students Enrolled in Educational Institutions Worldwide Through Our Educational Services.

200+ College & University

Empowering Ambitions Across Prestigious Colleges & Universities: Your Journey to Success Starts Here with Us

Visa Success

Experience the Assurance of Success: Achieve Your Dreams with our 99.99% Visa Success Rate at Capital Center.

10+ Countries

Explore 10+ Countries with Confidence Through Capital Center Point - Where Boundaries Are Only Beginnings.

Best Destinations

Study Abroad

Study In USA

Study in the USA for top-tier education, diverse opportunities, and a vibrant cultural experience. Renowned universities and research facilities await, offering a pathway to your academic and career success.

Study In Australia

Australia is proud of the quality of its education and training. In the past 10 years, more than 10 Lakhs students from overseas have studied in Australia. Students from all around the world have studied in Australia.

Study In Canada

Canada is a land of rice diversity, encompassing urban sophistication and abundant nature and wildlife. it is safe yet also exciting: stable yet also filled with adventure. i

Study In New Zealand

New Zealand has universities, polytechnica (technical and training institutions), colleges of education (teacher training institutions), wananga (maori tertiary institutions),

Study In UK

The United Kingdom is another favorite destination for students aspiring to go abroad. The academic institutions students aspiring to go abroad. The academic institutions not only provide

Study In Europe

Studying in Europe offers an unparalleled educational experience, combining rich cultural heritage with cutting-edge academic programs.


What Our Students Are Saying

We’ve guided countless students on their educational journey, enabling them to fully embrace student life worldwide. Discover what they have to share about their enriching experiences.

Message From MD

Welcome to Capital Center Point Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., one of the Nepal’s outstanding professional educational consultation providers. Capital specializes consultation for various academic and professional courses in the mentioned countries as per our website. We provide a wide range of education services to the students who aspire to study in USA, Australia,UK,Canada,New Zealand,South Korea,Poland and other European country. Our original passion was to establish Capital Center Point service as a response to students who wish to go abroad for further studies. Over the past few years, we have provided relevant advice to international students to get admission in Universities and Colleges of the referred countries.Capital has always aimed to provide bespoke, one-to-one educational consultancy to overseas students going to their destined countries, making sure our services closely matches their educational background and requirements, focusing also on their future career plans or objectives.

With warm regards,

Ambir Darai


Educational Institutions

College & University